Two Side Sawing-360 Cassette (TSS-360)

TSS-360 cassette ensures a full compatibility in execution of various laser sawing processes (Diamond Slicing ,Diamond Sawing) planned on Bettonville PrepView Station and on any of Bettonville Diamond Laser Cutting Machines.

TSS-360 cassette is designed for slicing/sawing process of a batch of up to 12 diamond workpieces (natural or man-made HPHT or CVD diamonds).

TSS-360 cassette is indispensable for:

  • recovery of substrates (seeds) in the CVD diamond manufacturing process*)
  • multiple slicing of perfectly parallel next generation of CVD substrates (seeds)*)
  • manufacturing of precision CVD diamond plates for heat spreaders for the microelectronic industry*)
  • one- or two-side sawing of rough diamonds
  • pie-sawing of rough diamonds
  • *) when using Bettonville proprietary “Parallel Kerf” feature