Bettonville develops and manufactures laser machines for cutting of natural- and synthetic diamonds (CVD diamonds, HPHT diamonds, and CVD moncrystal diamonds).


Bettonville’s unique diamond processing knowledge gained over decades has been used for the past 20 years in research, development and implementation of laser technology for diamond cutting processes. It is now embedded in software algorithms of the Bettonville diamond cutting laser machines.

Bettonville has a large experience in developing of a customized software and hardware for individual customers for their specific applications, for cutting of:

  • Diamond seeds for diamond synthesis (coring and slicing)
  • Diamond blanks of various shapes and crystallographic orientations
  • Diamond cutting tools (scalpels, knives, inserts for turning, milling, dressing)
  • Diamond lenses
  • Diamond optical components ( high-power laser optics and infrared spectroscopy)
  • Diamond heat sinks and spreaders
  • Diamond anvil cells
  • Diamond wire-dies and water-jet nozzles
  • Diamonds for jewellery (brilliant, marquise, heart, pear, cushion, emerald, etc.)

Over the last 5 years, Bettonville introduced many innovations in design, control and software of its diamond cutting laser machines, among others:

  • Special design of machines ensuring accurate and consistent cutting results
  • Cutting depth > 25 mm
  • Cutting parallel kerf < 100 um for 12mm cutting depth
  • Cutting conical relief angles and complex edges
  • True coordinated 5-axes control + 2-axes proprietary beam control
  • G code implementation
  • Proprietary Postprocessor for Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) with the use of a laser beam as a cutting tool
  • Intuitive and easy-to-understand software interface
  • Stringent safety solutions (full compliance with CE and UK safety standards)
  • Remote guidance and supervision of the installations of machines at customers sites