FEATURES of Bettonville Laser Machines

Processed material: Natural and synthetic diamonds (HPHT, CVD, MCVD)
Cutting depth: 20+ mm (from 1 side); doubled if cut from 2 sides
Cutting kerf: V-shaped or parallel;
if parallel: 70um for 5mm cutting depth, 100um for 12mm cutting depth
Processed forms: 2,5D (Bettonville laser machines with 3 + 2 axis) :

 variously sliced and shaped diamond plates,

 variously shaped diamond crystals

 conical or facetted diamond anvils

 complex conical and cylindrical boreholes in diamond orifices

 variously cut natural diamonds(sawn, round, conical, scooped, fancy shaped, facetted)

3D (Bettonville laser machines with 5 + 2 axis ) :

 diamond cutting blades for inserts and other diamond-tipped cutting tools (full geometry)

Hardware: Diode pumped lasers (depended on applications), proprietary optical solutions
Software: for 2,5D laser cutting - integrated DXF convertor
for 3D laser cutting - integrated CAD/CAM software accepting all currently available CAD formats (Solid Works, Inventor, etc.)
Machine size: Compact, easy to install in small premises
Machine Price: Targeted at small to medium sized factories