Bettonville Diamond Cutting Laser Machines Bettonville Diamond Cutting Laser Machines

Ultrashape MK6, Ultrashape MK7 and Diashape, Bettonville Diamond Cutting Laser Machines, are compactly built, are equipped with various diode pumped laser sources (application dependent), 3+2 axes or 5+2 axes kinematics, proprietary Beam Manipulating Optics (BMO), Beam Optical Power Regulator (OPR), Automatic System for Mirrors Adjustment (ASMA) and Bettonville's proprietary software (application dependent).

Ultrashape MK7, Bettonville’s most advance diamond cutting laser machine features OEM CAD/CAM software compatible with majority of CAD formats and Bettonville’s proprietary postprocessor installed on a powerful HP graphic workstation.

Ultrashape MK7 is designed to shape complex cutting edges of  monocrystalline CVD , HPHT and natural diamonds of high-precision  turning and milling tools. Ultrashape MK7 is capable to pre-shape diamond cutting edges of these tools with variable conical relief angle without any limitation to the value of this angle.

Additionally, Ultrashape MK7 is designed to shape complex fancy 3-dimensional shapes e.g. stars, half-moons, crosses, etc.

Machine Type Ultrashape MK6 Ultrashape MK7 Diashape
Laser Source Diode Pumped 532nm Diode Pumped 532nm Diode Pumped 532nm
Approx. Avg. Power 21W 12W 21W

3+2 axis

5+2 axis

3+2 axis
X-Y Stage Magnetic Drive Magnetic Drive Magnetic Drive
Software Proprietary Proprietary Proprietary
DXF Converter


Yes Yes


APPLICATIONS "V Kerf" Sawing   "V Kerf" Sawing

"Straight Kerf" Slicing and  Sawing (left and right)

  ALL APPLICATIONS as Ultrashape MK6

"Straight Kerf" Sawing (left and right)
Two-Side Slicing and Sawing


Two-Side Sawing
"Parallel Kerf" Slicing and Sawing ADDTIONAL APPLICATIONS (Ultrashape MK7 only):   "Parallel Kerf" Sawing
Coring   3-dimensional (3D) Diamond Cutting Bruting
Anvil Cutting    - Complex cutting edges Fancy Shaping
Turning      - Variable conical relief angle Blocking 4 and 8 facets
Cylindrical or profile drilling       - No limitation to angle’s value Pie-Sawing
Cone Shaping   Cone Shaping